The purpose of Operation LEGO Redistribution (OLR) is to access, organize, and redistribute over a decade’s worth of stockpiled LEGOs generously given to us by FIRST in Alaska to distribute. They will be given to FLL teams across Alaska, with priority and focus given to remote teams and economically disadvantaged communities. This will be accomplished through two distinctive distribution programs: AK LEGO League Supply (ALLS), and Booster Boxes. A potential secondary focus allows for distribution of small amounts of LEGOs to individual youth to inspire their inner engineer through tinkering and design. These sets, called Innovation Grab Bags, would be distributed alongside free lunches at Title I elementary school sites.

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AK Lego League Supply

The first, and largest program is the AK Lego League Supply (ALLS). After speaking to FLL teams and alumni, we found one of the greatest issues with teams is lacking a specific component for their robotic creations. To address this, we have organized legos, and categorized them to make ordering items easy for teams. If a team finds they are low or out of a type of lego, they can visit our online store, and order the type of lego for no charge.

Booster Boxes

Similar to ALLS, the booster boxes are looking to redistribute legos to teams needing components. Instead of specific components, however, the booster boxes will be comprised of more general components determined by what is in greatest excess in our stock. This ensures we maximize the number of unique components available to teams who need them, without stockpiling unnecessary Legos. These boxes will be distributed to any new teams or teams without as many lego kits. They can also be ordered on the storefront on the website

Innovation Grab Bags

For legos which we don’t believe will be useful for FLL teams, we have a third distribution method to put these blocks to good use. We will create bags of legos, and distribute them alongside free lunches at Title I schools. This program is still in development and updates will be posted when available.